Director of Childrens Ministry
                                                                     Sister Marion Bell

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                    Children and their parents are very
                     special to us at Liberty Fellowship.
                     We strive to follow Jesus'example
                      in leading our children.

                     Currently our dedicated volunteers
                     are so involved in teaching, loving
                     and caring for children in the
                       Liberty Fellowship family.

                       Childcare & Sunday School is provided
                       for on Sunday mornings, as well as other
                       special opportunities throughout the year
                       as a part of our effort to share
                        God's love with our children.




                           Due to the recent growth in our Children's Ministry,
                           Liberty Fellowship will be adding an additional
                           Sunday School classroom for our 3-4 three year old age group.
                           Our Nursery will now handle the infant to 2 year-old age group.

                           Because of this, we will need workers in the Nursery.

                           If you are currently an active member
                           or are a faithful church attendant
                           of Liberty Fellowship and enjoy working with infants,

                           WE WANT YOU!

                           Please sign up on sheet located on the round
                           table outside the nursery.
                           Candidates will be reviewed by Sister Marion Bell.

                           Don't miss your calling!!!

                           Currently, Liberty Fellowship now has 5 classrooms
                            for the Childrens Sunday School Program.
                         We enjoy using Group Publishing, Curriculum
                            in our Sunday school classes.


                          Two to Three year olds

                            Four to Seven year olds

                           Eight to Tweleve year olds


                            Our NURSERY provides loving care for infants
                              through 2 years in a safe and happy environment.
                              Our little ones enjoy hearing Christian music
                              and are prayed for by our Nursery care givers.

                            Teacher: Jennifer Houser

                            Our 4 to 7 group learn about God's word and Jesus
                              through a variety of learning styles, such as,
                              hearing Bible stories, singing, play, art,
                              and praying together.

                            Sister Marion Bell: 8-12 Group

                            With our 8 to 12 class, we believe
                              strongly that regular teaching of God's word
                              is crucial to the spiritual growth of our
                              children and pre-teens.


                              Our teen ministry teaches our young people
                              that being a Christian can not only mean
                              having fun, but also can provide
                              spiritual strength through Jesus Christ.

                              Sunday School Classes are provided during
                              the 11am morning Worship Services.

                              You can take comfort in knowing that we have
                              two people on the premises that are licensed in
                              Children's CPR and First Aid. Also, our
                              Director of the Children's Ministry, Sister Marion Bell,
                              is a certified nurse.

                              Our Sunday School Volunteers are well-qualified
                              and experienced teachers who love kids and love
                              to guide children and share God's word with them.



                              Thank you Miss Cindy for allowing us
                              to play the Kids for Kids music.

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